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The BELONG Programme

BELONG is about serving the best interest of the child, inclusion and making sure that the structures that provide care to the child GET IT RIGHT. The purpose of the BELONG programme is to:

  • Strengthen the structures that support the child so that the child receives optimum and quality care that aids the child’s development and easy integration into society.
  • Provide capacity building for institutions caring for children this will be made available in modules covering policy, admin and operations.
  • Specialised training in the areas of psychosocial support, basic counselling skills for people working with children and those with disabilities.
  • Support for curriculum development, organisation constitution and policy review/adaption.
  • Network, linkage support and development of partnerships towards funding and sustainability.

The EMPOWER Progamme

EMPOWER provides opportunities for young people to acquire core skills that enable them take positive steps towards their health and relationships and make positive contributions to society thereby shaping their world and not just coping with it.

The LANI FOUNDATION EMPOWER programme supports the growth and development of young women and widows (W2) from vulnerable households. W2 provides livelihood opportunities, education and training to young women and widows.

The ENHANCE Programme

The LANI FOUNDATION ENHANCE programme is based on the recognition of the diverse and elaborate nature of communities and the need for an approach which puts communities at the forefront as torchbearers to enact change and create interventions for sustainable development.

The programme works with community structures to build localised competencies for more robust and comprehensive services to vulnerable groups.

We provide system strengthening to government institutions for a more sustained approach in the care of vulnerable groups