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Rebuild Calabar

lanigroup - December 18, 2020 - 0 comments

  • “LANI Foundation is a founding coalition partner of the Rebuild Calabar Initiative which is a non-political, inclusive, citizen-led response to the carnage and destruction in Calabar.”
  • Some of the activities that have been carried out under this initiative are:
  • Street Clean Up Exercise: Put the Clean Up flyer that is on the RC Instagram page (

Write Up: Clean Up exercises commenced on the 31st of October, 2020 and were carried out from several locations to clear streets, schools, and several other places of debris, waste and other unwanted materials scattered across Calabar in the aftermath of the destruction.  

Some Clean Up Locations: Henshaw Town Primary School, Egerton, Calabar, use this link, Lions Club, Calabar –

Write Up: Free Internet facilities were made available in offices to enable youths without internet access to use this provision to key into programmes under the Federal Government’s Youth Investment Fund.

Write Up: This event was implemented to help foster peace and harmony among the youths and residents in Calabar.

Video clip from the event: (

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